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What is Dogging? The word 'dogging' (in the main UK sense of 'stalking' or 'pursuing') was used in the 1970s to describe the practice of sneaking-up on couples having sex in cars in isolated 'lover's lanes' and watching them whilst remaining undetected. Nowadays the word describes practices really more accurately described as 'outdoor swinging' and consensual mutual voyeurism / exhibitionism.

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Lusty Brunette Exgirlfriend Bitch Lexi Sexton Washing Her Lucky Melons In Bath Tube

This little slut is named Lexi, I was hypnotized by her tight teen body, and I would have done damn near anything to keep her.. at least in the beginning. If you JUST looked at our sex life you would have thought I was the luckiest nailing dude in the world,I mean look at this bitch, she has the perfect baby face, perky little boobies, and booty that would stop a truck, and her cunt.. I really miss that chopper! anyway the bitch cheated on me more then I care to admit, I guess I just wasn’t enough for her. I did get the last laugh though, I made these videos of her that I’m going to share with you all!

Allen C. Vermont


Enormous Jugged Ex-girlfriend Bitch Rucca Page Gets Pumped Doggie And Gives Felatio

Dudes this is Rucca, I dated her for almost a year, when it was spicy it was drilling good, but when it was bad I honestly wanted to end this trollop! Rucca was really a lazy whore, and all she seemed to do was tramp and moan at me. sure she fucked me almost everyday AND she let me tape our bang sessions, but all the bad issues Rucca had just ended up outweighing the sex. so I had to dump her butt and go find a new whore. Here’s some more of the videos of us drilling.

Mike R. Location Withheld


Magnificent Blonde Exgirlfriend Harlot Li Ann Stripping Erotically At The Desk

This little whore is Li Ann, I met her through a friend of mine, she was in a abusive relationship at the time.. .so she told me anyway, and she needed help to get out of it, we would meet about once a week and she would talk and cry about how her boyfriend was mean to her, and would ‘ruff her up’ from time to time, I really wanted to help her, but did not know how, we handsome much started to see each other, and whatnot, she would email me erotic photos and videos of herself and tell me that as soon as she could figure out how to get away from her boyfriend, we could be together 100%, so I decided to set her up in an apartment not too far from me, she was actually living a few hours away from me at the time, I got her moved in, and everything was cool. I went over to see her one night, to surprise her really, but it was me that got the surprise when some gigantic bro opened the door, and asked “who the screw are you and why are you at MY HOUSE” what a bitch! Here are a few more of the videos she sent me.

Name and location withheld


Elegant Brunette Exgirlfriend Slut Joselyn Giving A Boner A Large Prick On Her Knees

You remember this whore? her name was Joselyn. I posted some videos of her already, in case you forgot, I met her at the local strip joint here in Trenton She had always told me she was down for threesomes, and that was massive by me! We had killer sex parties with different girls from the club, or random bitches she would pick up wherever. All was erotic till I came home one night and found this note taped to the TV it said “George, I’m leaving you, I’m in love with Shelly” What a fuckin pussy! but at least she did not find these videos I taped of her!

George R. Trenton NJ


Bendy Exgirlfriend Tramp Jerzi Strips Spicy Babydoll And Spreads Legs Wide Open

My buddy Jim hooked me up with Jerzi few years back, I had just gotten out of a BAD relationship with this total cooshie and needed to get my mind off of everything, Jerzi was the perfect cure indeed! she drove me wicked sending me these sexual videos of her taking clothes off in front of her webcam, I’d get a new video every few days lol. after a few weeks of this I was compleatly over the other nubile BUT then she called me, told me how sorry she was and that she really wanted to get back together, I was kind of a dumbass and I dumped Jerzi and went back to the slit, needless to say it did not last. check out these videos Jerzi sent me

Name and Location withheld

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