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What is Dogging? The word 'dogging' (in the main UK sense of 'stalking' or 'pursuing') was used in the 1970s to describe the practice of sneaking-up on couples having sex in cars in isolated 'lover's lanes' and watching them whilst remaining undetected. Nowadays the word describes practices really more accurately described as 'outdoor swinging' and consensual mutual voyeurism / exhibitionism.

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Sensuous Brunette Ex-girlfriend Harlot Tawny Bryant Sucking A Big Schlong

Private Ron here, and this little trollop WAS the love of my life of over 5 years, her name is Tawny and the bitch put me through hell! I had gotten shipped overseas to Iraq and at first we talked all the time online and she sent me these photos and videos we had made prior to me shipping out, to “get me by” so just about a month ago I get a leave and I headed home to surprise her, but it was ME who got surprised, I came home to an empty house, and I mean EMPTY! all the shit was gone, I went next door to talk to my neighbor and ALL the nieghbors were just staring at me like crazy, my neighbor finally came out and check out what that banging whore told him and the rest of our friends…. I died over in Iraq! and the tramp stole all of my stuff and took off with our roommate to Florida! What a humping joke! Well, enjoy these videos of us she sent me before she decided to ‘kill me off’ SLUT!

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Busty Blondie Ex-girlfriend Harlot Jenni Lynn Riding A Pink Rabbit Dildo On The Couch

Studs, this is Jenni Lynn she was a naughty little bitch I met at the bowling ally,she really had a thing for testicles lol. we dated for damn near 5 years and yeah it was full of ups and downs, but that’s every relationship, she was an eager slit in the bedroom though, and she went out of my way to try and please me, she made these blazing videos for me so I could jack off to her while she was away visiting her mother but for some reason I just got tired of smashing her, so one day while she was at work, I packed up my shit and these videos lol and I left, I’ve never seen her since

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Hi Guys, Vicky here. I run and I just made this amazing video for you guys.
Hope you like it! IF you want to download it, please let me know :)



Wonderful Brunette Exgirlfriend Bitch Arika Shaving Her Sweet Beaver In Bath Tube

Her name is Arika and she was the craziest tramp I ever dated in my life! I can’t begin to tell you all the shit this bitch did to me in the time we were together, but here are a few of the highlights lol, she would show up at my house wearing nothing but a trench coat, when I opened the door, she would drop the coat to the ground and then would stand there completely naked, after she got inside and we would start to get busy, she’d jump up, slap me and run out of the house STILL NAKED! Another time, when she had me tape us having sex she told me she wanted to watch it while I hammered her in the ass, halfway through the video she jumped up and started freaking about me watching porn. I tell you this humping harlot was crazy as fuck! Check out these photos of her.

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