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What is Dogging? The word 'dogging' (in the main UK sense of 'stalking' or 'pursuing') was used in the 1970s to describe the practice of sneaking-up on couples having sex in cars in isolated 'lover's lanes' and watching them whilst remaining undetected. Nowadays the word describes practices really more accurately described as 'outdoor swinging' and consensual mutual voyeurism / exhibitionism.

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Resplendent Brunette Ex-girlfriend Whore Tawny Bryant Giving A Blowjob A Giant Schlong

Private Ron here, and this little slut WAS the love of my life of over 5 years, her name is Tawny and the harlot put me through hell! I had gotten shipped overseas to Iraq and at first we talked all the time online and she sent me these photos and videos we had made prior to me shipping out, to “get me by” so just about a month ago I get a leave and I headed home to surprise her, but it was ME who got surprised, I came home to an empty house, and I mean EMPTY! all the shit was gone, I went next door to talk to my neighbor and ALL the nieghbors were just staring at me like crazy, my neighbor finally came out and check out what that humping slut told him and the rest of our friends…. I died over in Iraq! and the bitch stole all of my stuff and took off with our roommate to Florida! What a jumping joke! Well, enjoy these videos of us she sent me before she decided to ‘kill me off’ TRAMP!

Private Ron Location Withheld


Playful Busty Redhead Exgirlfriend Gets Humped Doggy, Gives Oral Sex And Swallows Cum

Hunks this is Rucca, I dated her for almost a year, when it was sexy it was jumping red hot, but when it was bad I honestly wanted to end this harlot! Rucca was really a lazy whore, and all she seemed to do was bitch and moan at me. sure she drilled me almost everyday AND she let me tape our bang sessions, but all the bad issues Rucca had just ended up outweighing the sex. so I had to dump her ass and go find a new bitch. Here’s some more of the videos of us banging.

Mike R. Location Withheld


Sightly Blonde Ex-girlfriend Whore Sandi Gives Handjob And Swallows Fresh Seed

This is Sandi, I met her at the local laundry mat, I know cliche right lol, anyway we hit it off and I swear I was never happier then I was when I was with her, she used to let me take delectable photos and videos of her and send them to my phone while I was at work at least once every few weeks. Well, one night I was out with my buddy Mark and I got drunk as hell, and I ended up fucking this chick I met at the bar, I felt so guilty that I told Sandi what happened, thinking we could work through it, instead she left me, AND she told all her friends that I had herpes! THAT’S A SCWEWING LIE! so, here’s my payback! these are some of those videosI took of that slut!

Jason A. Ontraio Ca.


Hottie Blonde Ex-girlfriend Slut In Sunglasses Faith Posing In Her Pink Swimsuit At Pool

So hunks check this shit out, this little harlot is Faith she was actually dating a buddy of mine, but he had gotten fed up with her lying to him, he wanted a way to ditch her and still keep all of his shit (they were married) He asked me to help, and being the prominent stud I was I did just that lol. I seduced the trollop and took these photos of her AND I videotaped us having sex, I then gave a copy of the photos and videos to my buddy who then showed them to Faith, they had a adorable quiet divorce and he was HAPPY that I hammered his wide LOL, here are the photos that I took of her

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