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What is Dogging? The word 'dogging' (in the main UK sense of 'stalking' or 'pursuing') was used in the 1970s to describe the practice of sneaking-up on couples having sex in cars in isolated 'lover's lanes' and watching them whilst remaining undetected. Nowadays the word describes practices really more accurately described as 'outdoor swinging' and consensual mutual voyeurism / exhibitionism.

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Simone’s Slippery Slit

Simone likes to start any fucking session with a little slit stroking. So after she had stripped her tall, thin, tanned body naked, she sat on the couch and opened her legs. She was pleased to see her partner lean forward so he could get a good look at Simone’s pussy lips. She opened her pussy with her fingers and began slipping her fingers over her cunt folds. She rubbed her clit until it was swollen and wet, then she slid two fingers into her snatch.

She finger fucked herself for a few minutes, enjoying the experienced fingertips that nagged into her cunt and massaged her fleshy bud. After a few more minutes of this, her partner approached her and shoved his cock into her mouth. Simone loved getting her mouth fucked by a huge dick, and she opened her mouth wide so the cock could slide down her throat. Simone sucked that cock like a professional, and took breaks every few minutes to lick at the tip of her partner’s cock.

Simone moaned to her partner that she needed to get fucked, so her happily pulled his cock from her lips and sat her on his lap. He plunged his big prick deep into Simone’s pussy hole, and after a few hard thrusts, pulled his dick from her cunt and shoved it deep into her asshole.

Simone screamed and came immediately at the feeling of being stretched wide open by her partner’s huge dick. Her little asshole got fucked harder and harder, and all 10 inches of it disappeared into her butt. Her partner needed to see his jizz drip out of Simone’s hole, so he blew his cum deep into her asshole. After filling her asshole with cum, Simone’s partner pulled his cock out of her and watched his cum drip out of her creamy pie.

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